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i’m not going to be on Tumblr, Twitter, or even Instagram anymore….

i met some really interesting & fun people here. i’d still love to talk to you if you’re interested!! you can add me on Skype (amai.awa) just make sure you tell me who you are, Steam (novapoison), & Facebook (send me an ask.)

i’ll still be using the Tumblr & Twitter for my Etsy shop, though. i’d like to have a giveaway once i get enough followers!


Basically all I want out of my career is to google a character I had some part in designing and see a wall of porn.


i will not buy flowers for a girl because flowers are stupid and worthless and they die like really fast. get a girl a rock. rocks are strong. rocks don’t die after 2 days


Madoka backpacks in Akihabara


Hi Sips

Bye Sips


Great December 2012 Livestream Part 6
And we continue!


So I finished the computer head

I feel so awesome wearing this, you  have no idea

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